IT solutions

Setting up workplaces

We set up complete offices and call centers and can also supply the necessary hardware, such as computers, printers, switches and VOIP.

Workplace management

We provide optimal speed and security for all your: Computers, laptops, printers, WiFi and internet connections. We resolve malfunctions onsite and with the help of our remote support desk and also proactively prevent them. In this way we ensure that both you and your employees can continue to carry out their work.

Remote help

We can solve 90% of all IT / computer problems remotely via remote support. We are happy to visit you for physical connections. Some examples for wich we can visit you are:

  • You have a bed and breakfast and want a network connection in every room: for IP TV or just good WiFi.
  • You start a business on location or at home and you want to be able to print from multiple PCs or a uniform security for all your workplaces.
  • You are in daily or weekly contact with your company abroad and you want the same conveniences as you have there, or perhaps a remote workplace with an IP telephone.

Good workplace management requires specialist knowledge of hardware and software and requires prompt action to prevent problems as much as possible and, if they do arise, to solve them adequately. Sol Support is the right choice for setting up new or managing existing workplaces.


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