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We work together with Securitas Direct to secure your home or business premises. Securitas Direct has been offering alarm and security systems since 1988 and is the market leader in alarm systems.

* All prices on this website are exclusive of VAT.

The alarm systems are equipped with

  • Alarm Reception Center (CRA), this is the largest and most modern in Europe. It is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, this alarm is the only security system equipped with an ATN network that is immune to frequency inhibitors, so thieves cannot block the signal so your alarm always works.
  • Acoustic and luminous siren
  • A portable control panel
  • Shock sensor detectors for doors and windows
  • Zero Vision, fills your building with dense smoke within 30 seconds so that the burglar loses the orientation.
  • Sentinel, keeps an eye on temperature fluctuations, humidity, etc.
  • Cameras

Handy app

All functionalities can be controlled from a mobile phone thanks to the My Verisure application. This app, free to customers, allows you to control your alarm from anywhere in the world, using your mobile phone and internet connection. For example, if you prefer not to give a worker the code, simply enable or disable the alarm via this app. In an easy, comfortable and safe way you can see and hear everything that is happening where the alarm is live. Security cameras in strategic locations allow you to monitor your employees or family when needed.

Sol Support has arranged for you to be assisted in English by the central in case of calamities.


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